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Aims and Objectives

The challenge for the project MyFIRE is to develop the use of experimental facilities in Europe in particular by increasing awareness of testing related best practices. The project will ensure a balance between the requirements for researcher's collaboration and the stakeholder's expectations. This means achieving the good experimental activities, developing the sustainable testing methodologies and paying a specific attention to the contribution to European standards development. The framework will be developed through the creation of open dialogue between the ICT networking research communities and experts from key areas of sociology, policy makers, economic models and standard.
In order to succeed in these challenges, MyFIRE's mission is organised around four activities:

  • To identify the main issues and needs in the test beds approach:
    • Researchers  and users needs for experimental facility
    • Standardisation
    • Exploitation process of Future Internet research
    • Economics data for testbeds sustainability
  • To define the  testing methodologies used by the projects in Europe and international testbeds, so that the best practices model can be analysed and documented leading to improved design, set up and use of the experimental facilities, and standards
  • To build common tools and roadmap to increase effectiveness in the testing approach to improve the use of the FIRE Facility
  • To disseminate the results and create a network: by a series of workshops in Europe and advanced emerging countries Brazil, Russia, India and China



The MyFire project will add its modest contribution in the methodologies related to efficient test beds design and set up and with approach cross over the multidisciplinary techniques and research areas. Making use of known standardised approaches, together with socio-economic analysis, MyFIRE will provide tools to optimize the design, set-up and usage of FIRE test beds. This will target the optimisation of investments in FIRE test beds and the further improvement of well established test beds.The efforts made on international collaborations with third countries will allow to further expand the FIRE community toward countries less covered up to now.


Action and Implementation


To achieve MyFIRE project, 5 workpackages have been designed:

  • WP1 - Research and technology: The real needs for test beds - focuses on the identification of user and industry needs regarding test beds.
  • WP2 – Standardization - focuses on  the testing methodologies used by the projects in Europe and international test beds, so that the best practices model can be analysed and documented aiming to improve the design, set up and use of the experimental facility.
  • WP3 - Innovation process and exploitation - covers the process between the scientific proof of concept to the industrial proof of concept. The objective is to optimize the results of the process research by using best practices and evaluate the socio/economic/environmental impacts.
  • WP4 - Networking with stakeholders and dissemination – aims to increase awareness collaboration with multidisciplinary stakeholders by sharing roadmap, tools and best practices (organization of workshops amongst the FIRE stakeholders to present the results and define a common roadmap); and by networking with other similar initiatives(organization of series of workshops at European and international level to networking the European FIRE initiative).
  • WP5 - Project management and coordination - ensures the required level of project management quality

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