The overall objective of the Group is to give input to the MIIT/MOST - DG INFSO dialogue for promoting cooperation between China and Europe.

  • Promote technology innovation, standards preparation, industry development and application development in Europe and China on future internet and IPv6 deployment.
  • Prepare setting-up a long-term cooperation mechanism between EU and China on the future Internet and IPv6.
  • Investigate the situation of relevant applications and corresponding technologies, analyse the future internet standards requirements and discuss security/privacy issues and governance approaches including for IPv6.
  • Propose and accompany research in the fields of architecture, protocols, naming and identification, application modes, standards, and rules.
  • Facilitate the exchange of best practises and the realisation of pilots and corresponding testing.
  • Elaborate a 5-year strategy roadmap on the future internet which should be completed by September 2010 and updated regularly, with a focus on practical implementation. Encourage and support the organisation of specific conferences and events (additional support will be provided by Support Action My FIRE and Paradiso as part of the EU 7th Research Framework Programme and comparable activities and projects managed by Chinese organisation as Tsinghua University, CATR, BUPT etc…).

Organisation and working methods

  • The Group will be composed 8 experts (4 for China and 4 from Europe), providing adequate knowledge and experience in the field of the future internet/IPv6. The experts are proposed by DG INFSO and by CATR.
  •  The group will have periodic face to face meetings to be held in Europe and China respectively.
  • Documents are kept in English at both parties. The experts are liable for not disclosing any information unless agreed by both parties.